Bedgear Storm Performance Pillow

Constantly searching for the cool side of the pillow? Get better rest for better recovery with our Storm Performance® Pillow! This bestselling, fan-favorite cooling pillow features dual-sided comfort that is soft on one side and firmer on the other. Made with an instant cooling Ver-Tex® fabric cover and Air-X® airflow technology, the Storm pillow helps reduce overheating for comfort throughout the night. Ideal for most sleepers with 4 available sizes, ensuring the correct pillow height for proper spinal alignment.


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The Storm Performance Pillow is ideal for hot sleepers. It’s design makes it great for side and back sleepers.

Dual-chamber construction: Solid foam crown on one side provides the option for firmer support, while a blend on the other offers a softer give.

Constructed with high performance materials:

Ver-Tex cooling cover: Specially engineered to have an instant cooling sensation, this silky-smooth cover is designed to reduce overheating to keep you cool all night long.

React blend fill: Filled with a React blend of responsive foam that includes shredded React materials mixed with silk-like fibers for a softer, plush feel.

React® Foam Crown: Our patented React responsive foam crown provides firm conforming pressure relief on one side.

Air-X® Panels: Mesh panels on all four sides provide continuous airflow both in and around the pillow. This helps hot air escape the pillow for a more comfortable sleep.

Removable Cover:  Storm features a removable, washable cover that makes cleaning your pillow easier than ever. The cover is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep each night

Dimensions (Pillow): 20″ L x 26″ W, Storm 0.0 loft: 4.75″, Storm 1.0 loft: 5.30″, Storm 2.0 loft: 5.90″, Storm 3.0 loft: 6.45″

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0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0


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